23 points about the nature of Jordan God

Time flies, years flies, fake Jordan has long been away from the stadium, but his name is still thunder, his influence is still unmatched. “If Chamberlain is wearing a coat of God in the play, then Jordan is wearing a No. 23 jersey God himself.” Legendary star Larry – Bird so evaluation of Jordan. Jordan

1. In the wingspan length, palm size, explosive power, relative speed, bounce height, dull ability and strength and other physical indicators, Jordan almost all reached the limits of basketball players. ESNP expert Sheridan once said that he has not seen a better player than Jordan’s physical quality.

2. Jordan for sale in the field to show an aggressive momentum, this domineering makes him different from the general star. Often, we can see that his unparalleled king’s domineering from Jordan’s eyes that are enough to kill the man – who is my own, but I do. The vast majority of players frankly, the most do not want to defend is Jordan, the most do not want to be defensive or Jordan.

3. His desire to win no one can, and the fact that is sufficient to explain: the 1997 Finals fifth war, Jordan food poisoning for two days before the drip did not enter, and vomiting more than, but he took the game attack scored 38 points lead the Bulls Beat the jazz, and put a winning goal. Jordan after the game completely collapse of the body standing, was Pippen helped to leave the ”

4. Jordan outgoing, unrestrained, whether in the game or training, he is strictly demanding himself and his teammates, the mistakes made by his teammates mercilessly, severely accuse. Jordan has let no one can control the “thorn head” Rodman submissive, which is not difficult to reflect the trapeze superman first-class leader ability.

In 1998, Fortune magazine published an article titled “Jordan Effect”, saying that after entering the NBA in 1984, Jordan has contributed $ 10 billion to the development of the global economy. Five years later, in 2003, the author of the article revised the figure to $ 13 billion. This is only one side, but enough to explain the problem. 6. Jordan retired for the first time, leading to Wall Street stock market crash, countless people subsequently unemployed. The first time the return of the press conference, the US government gave a red alert treatment, the major US television stations have stopped the normal program broadcast. (Note: the red alert is the highest level of the US national security alert, only the earthquake, the President’s death will appear)

7. Looking at NBA history, can lead the three consecutive superstar chat if the stars – George – McCain, Bill – Russell, Michael – Jordan, Shaquille – O’Neill. And can be two consecutive three consecutive, only Jordan one person. Three consecutive retired, come back after three consecutive championships, which is the other stars catch up.

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NBA in the overseas pioneering period

NBA in the overseas pioneering period, the fans simply means fans fans Jordan. The same period of the United States, Michael fake Jordans is almost the Union is unique, every time there are still a large number of fans of the players, when the reporter throw “favorite star?” This problem, 70 after 80 NBA players Eight nine will say Jordan for sale, and then add a “I see him play up to play.” There will be no such a year, and no longer have that kind of fans.

Jordan’s influence in the field of basketball has broken the time and space constraints. After many years, the fans may live in another country, but the image of Jordan is still everywhere; gradually old, the fans may forget that they have read what university, but Jordan’s classic memory will be In the mind lingering. Jordan’s image was even to the outer space, the world’s fans are looking up.

However, with replica Jordan’s own words, he is just a normal person, living a normal life. It is worth the attitude of life we ​​study.

Mike Jordan’s charm is too great, people sincerely lamented: “Michael Jordan is the embodiment of God, he is the most awesome player in the NBA.” “Mr. Jordan from another planet, he is not mortal. “” Jordan is a superman, I do not know where he got the game of energy, wisdom and intuition “” ”

However, no matter how people worship, praise Jordan, Jordan himself has never admitted that he is “Superman”, he always thought he was “just a normal person.” He had said to myself that “I want to know that there is no difference between me and others. I am only lucky.” So I often warn myself that I must be modest and prudent to start from scratch and use It is normal to treat everything. “Jordan also said:” People always want their heroes perfect, never make mistakes and always happy. In fact, no one can do this. ”

During the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​a foreign journalist asked Jordan: “Are you on earth?” The smile replied, “Yes, I am from Chicago.” Jordan frankly told the foreign journalist about his life.

He had a normal childhood: fun, naughty, and sometimes naughty.

He suffered a normal setback: high school, because “too short, unhappy” by the school basketball team shut out. He had a normal struggle: in order to be able to watch the game with the team, he assumed the task for the players to watch clothes. At the same time, he engraved: bitter training, a year later became a member of the team; and after ten years of tenacious struggle, so that their skills and style of the wind is more mature, beyond ordinary people.

He had a normal distress: bear the fame brought about by the heavy and psychological pressure. “No matter how hard I am, I will not be a perfect person,” he said, “as long as I say to me that I am tired and do not want to sign it again, and the feeling of Michael Jordan will be completely different

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